Wow what an amazing Club Championship Finals day…..

Sunday 13th September 2020 will be a day to remember…..what an absolutely amazing day for our 2020 Club Championship Finals. When we decided back in June to run our Club Championships we saw it as a way for all our members to start playing some fun, competitive tennis after what had been (and still is) a very interesting and every changing year. We hoped but never thought we would get to put on a Finals Day but here it was!

The morning started with our Red and Orange Ball Tournaments, where it was lovely to see so many of our mini tennis players entering after months of playing very little tennis. They should all be very proud. The matches were played in great spirit and were very close. The family duo Felix and Gus were overall winners with close runners up Eleanor and Casper.

Also in the morning was the U16 Doubles, a new category for this years Club Championship. It was a great match, which could have gone either way and ended up in a nail biting 3rd set tie break. Well done to both pairings!

To follow were the U12s and U16s Boys Finals which again were well matched and both went to tense 3rd set tie-breaks. Our U16s Girls Final was played on during the week due to players availability and unfortunately the Green Ball Final had to be postponed at the last minute but will be played at a later date.

The rest of the afternoon was left to the adults (and a junior!). As the temperature rose, so did the intensity of the matches and the socially distanced supporters increased. All matches were played in great spirit and there was definitely a real passion to win! Ladies and Mens Singles were played first with our winners Mia and Janak . Followed by the Mixed Doubles…..before we knew it, it was 5pm and there was still the Ladies and Mens Doubles Finals to play….it was going to be a long afternoon but it was a beautiful evening and everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves which was great to see. However poor Maria was about to start her 3rd final!!!

It was safe to say it was a truly great day of tennis and a real credit to everyone at Caunton Tennis Club for their continuing support and love for the club.

Thank you to James for running it during and on the day and to all the players that entered and played in the preliminary rounds, quarter finals, semis whilst juggling COVID-19 restrictions, home school, holidays, isolation to name afew. All our players should be very proud as they were all well deserved winners.

And finally HUGE ‘Thank you’ to parents and all the socially distanced supporters who made the day so special it was really appreciated.

The 2020 Club Championship Winners & Runners-up ‘Hall of Fame’………..

Red – Winner: Felix Desbruslias, Runner-up: Eleanor Richardson

Orange – Winner: Gus Desbruslias, Runner-up: Casper Reed

U12s – Winner: Oliver Melady, Runner-up: Jacob Cameron

U16s Girls -Winner: Mia Cameron, Runner-up: Kiera Mackender

U16s Boys – Winner: Tiger Chin, Runner-Up: Lucas Grosse

U16s Doubles – Winners: Jack Jarvis & Charlie Brown, Runners-up: Tiger Chin & Lucas Grosse

Ladies Singles – Winner: Mia Cameron, Runner-Up: Maria Cotton

Mens Singles- Winner: Janak Gunatilleke, Runner-up: Tim Joyce

Mixed Doubles – Winners: Mia Cameron & Tim Joyce, Runners-up: Maria Cotton & Charlie Hunter

Ladies Doubles – Winners: Maria Cotton & Gill Siddall, Runners-up: Fiona Sanger & Anna Thompson

Mens Doubles – Winners: Charlie Hunter & Tim Joyce, Runners-up: Janak Gunatilleke & Phil Bartlett